Band of Anons by SA Anon

"There was a time when the world required 

ordinary people to do extraordinary things."

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Something is wrong with this world. We all feel it.

We are constantly overwhelmed by our continuous struggle to survive, in a frantic, ever changing economic system. Bombarded with rampant inflation, amidst continual wars and sensationalised news. Corruption and dark, nefarious dealings are undertaken by agents that seem to destabilize the very ideal of humanity.

Those that have spoken out, exposing pieces of the vast puzzle, were quickly silenced. Some, even world leaders and Presidents, have been executed for daring to stand against the rising tide of evil besetting us.

Who are these agents, these manipulators of the dark? What are they so desperately trying to conceal from the people they control?

As we uncover their motives, and their plans, we gain an understanding of our own role in this global siege. For a siege it is. They fuel our racial, political and religious wars. They ensure our constant need for money, to distract us from realising their insidious plot to enslave the world.

Against this, two weapons have come to light that most of us are unaware of; the Truth and the Plan. The Truth is like a lion, set it free, and it will defend itself. The Plan, long in waiting, has finally been set in motion. It is steadily gaining support like an avalanche, despite attempts to stifle it. It is unstoppable, with many from all over the world, awakening to the Truth and responding to the alarm bells.

It is now known as The Great Awakening. You can read about it right now.

This is a true story.


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