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Updated 09 October 2020: The book is now also available from Takealot in South Africa.
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Updated 19 May 2019: Band of Anons - The first run of books arrived.! 

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Updated 26 April 2019: Band of Anons - Coming soon! Printers proof signed off.

Updated 03 April 2019: Band of Anons - Coming soon! It is in final layout stage. 

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Band of Anons reviews

Band of anons - INITIAL FEEDBACK

Mitch Miller  "Just finished the book, hell's bells, what a RIDE! It reads like a thriller, and it's virtually impossible to put it down. This is stuff that's complied into a logical format, and explains a lot of current events as well as exposes plenty of trails that would otherwise lie fallow. It's also narrated in first-person perspective, in other words, not a dry, boring recitation of facts and statistics, but a very readable and poignant story underlying the raw facts. This puts you completely in conversation with the narrator, and it's gripping stuff. Well worth the read."

Band of Anons reviews

band of anons - Latest

Woodrow Patriotice  "This book was very well written and informative. It really opened my eyes into the corruption within the governments of the modern and past eras. Thank you to the anonymous authors for providing such information. My advice while reading this book is to simply keep an open mind in order to come to your own conclusions."

Wayne Futter  "Extremely well written. History is being made and the author has put a lot of pieces together in his journey to find out what happens beyond the headlines."

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